“I am playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.” Eric Morecambe (English Comedian 1926 -1984)


I’ve taught people of all ages, remember, “you’re never too old to learn the guitar!”
I currently take students from 12 years old and onwards.

Technique and fretboard knowledge:

I start with a variety of strumming, finger picking, and timing exercises. This combined with scale and chordal tuition will soon give you a better understanding of the fretboard, and an insight to a variety of guitar playing techniques.


I welcome students to send me a list (and youtube links) of approximately ten songs they’d like to learn. I listen through the songs and incorporate them into the tuition, as and when they become relevant to the various stages of the students progression.


Beginner students (and in some cases intermediate students depending on ability) are required to purchase ‘Hal Leonard Acoustic Guitar book (HL0069734)’.


Guitar Practice for beginners:

Guitar Practice for beginners:
Firstly, you must commit to practicing for AT LEAST half an hour each day (longer if you plan on becoming Warragul’s answer to Jimi Hendrix! (He jokes)).
Your daily practice session during your first three months of lessons should be divided up in the following way (as a guide, dependent on what level you are at, and based on 30 minutes)…

✔ At least 5 minutes of ‘left hand’ warm up exercises – chromatic, major, and minor scales
✔ At least 5 minutes of strumming patterns with a metronome
✔ At least 10 minutes of ‘right hand’ finger picking exercises – travis pick, claw hammer, bass strum, and arpeggios.
✔ At least 10 minutes of ‘whatever you want!’ buy some song book’s, jump on youtube, and have a go! (Show me what you’ve been up to! I’ll help you out and give you tips on playing your favourite songs).
Guitar practice for intermediate guitar players:

I can help you with this, and I have some great ideas for you to get the most out of your practice sessions. Book in for lessons, and all will be revealed…


Often people who have played the guitar for a while have told me that they’re ‘stuck in a guitar playing rut’, and tend to play the same things over and over… I can improve your theory knowledge, and help out with more advanced techniques to rejuvenate your guitar playing.
Practice makes perfect