As well being a former member of the hit 80s band Cutting Crew (‘I just died in your arms’) and a sideman for Scottish Legend Jim Diamond (‘I should have known better’, ‘I wont let you down’), Dominic is an accomplished songwriter and author… His children’s songs have been used in thousands of classrooms across Australia and performed in over 150 shows every year. As a singer-songwriter Dominic has released four albums and toured performing his music. He was a tour opener in the U.K for Emmy winning Nashville songwriter Bob Cheevers, and Benny Gallagher of ‘Gallager and Lyle’. Other credits include co-writing with Nick van Eede (Cutting Crew) and Grammy nominated record producer Paul Birchall for ‘Combination Head’, a prog rock outfit who released several acclaimed albums in Europe featuring members of 10CC and Queen.

He has helped countless students achieve their guitar playing goals and has released several music tutorials endorsed by the likes of session bass player Herbie Flowers (notable for his works with Elton John, Lou Reed, and David Bowie), and Nick Feldman (one half of the eighties pop duo Wang Chung, and talent scout for BBC’s ‘The Voice’).


Here is a video of Dominic performing a Beatles classic:

Here is a blast from the past -

...a video of Dominic (bass player) as a member rock legends ‘Cutting Crew’: