“I have always wanted to play guitar and at 50 I thought it time to learn. I always look forward to my weekly lesson with Dom as he makes learning achievable, relaxed and fun. Thanks Dom”

Robby (one of Dominic’s guitar students).

“. . . Not only is Dominic an excellent bass player, an excellent bloke, and excellent company, he has written an excellent book about some pretty excellently useful secrets for being an excellent bass player. I recommend it, it's . . . EXCELLENT!!!”

Nick Feldman (one half of the hit 80’s band ‘Wang Chung’) endorsing Dominic’s CD/Tutorial package ‘Secrets of a professional bass player’.

“Everything you need to know is in this lickle book!”

Herbie Flowers (legendary session player known for his work with Lou Reed and David Bowie) endorsing Dominic’s CD/Tutorial package ‘Secrets of a professional bass player’.

“Hi Dominic, I just wanted to say a big “Thankyou" for the time you spent with Chantelle doing lessons. She's learnt so much from you in such little time and she's actually practicing what you taught her everyday and is sounding pretty good.”

Kind regards, Serena and family.

“I play bass in a covers band and didn't have a problem learning songs from tab but didn't really know what I was doing and couldn't improvise over chords. Dom is showing me exactly what I need and I've been trying out stuff at band practice. I'm getting there slowly”

Steve W

“Had already been playing a while when I booked a handful of lessons with Dom about five years ago (my wife bought me a gift voucher), I still use the stuff he showed me to this day. Valuable information that I wished I'd known 30 years ago!”

Geoff T